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fan community for Tae7en (Se7en x Taebin)


real_lo7e_story is a community based around the 'relationship' between the Korean singers, Taebin and Se7en. The term, "Tae7en," is a hybrid of their names (Se7bin just isn't as cool. Sorry), and is what their Ship has been called hence. This community is for posting fanworks, as of this moment, as well as news, clips found on YouTube that features their famous fanservice. The various forms of fanworks that we allow at the current time can be found below. We encourage you to also post your fanworks with regard to Taebin and Se7en individually (though pairing them with other people is frowned upon as this is a strictly Tae7en fancom). We hope you enjoy the community. We may even have an art contest or two, if you want...


• You must be a member to post.
• We want you to submit your own work. If you get permission to post someone else's work, please link to the original and credit the original author/artist/person.
• Don't post anything about any other pairings other than Tae7en.
• Be courteous with your art. Make a small preview (no bigger than 300 px) for the post, then hide the rest of it behind an LJ Cut. Especially with fics.
Anything that is rated R/NC-17 MUST be placed under an LJ-Cut with a VISIBLE warning. Please also mark your post to "Friends" (Members) only.
• When posting links to videos on YouTube, place them behind an LJ-Cut. kthxbai.
• Don't be rude to the other members! And don't flame! Constructive criticism is okay, but flaming is a no no.
• If you are going to take icons, please a) credit the maker, and b) upload the icons to your own server.
• If you want to keep your post friends only, feel free to do so. mnemosynes_eyes is fond of doing that, so it's okay.
• Crediting the community is good too! We love it!
• If you wish to affiliate with us, post on the affiliates post. <3


There is no current contest running.


• Fanfiction
• Fanart
• Icons
• Wallpapers
• Graphics
• FanVids
• Picspams
• Fanmixes

Please note that if you wish to post music on this site, you are most welcome to. However, we are in no way responsible for what that music is used for. The RIAA suggests that you delete all copyrighted files after 24 hours of use, and we have nothing to do with what you do after the 24 hours. K? K.

If you are interested in being on our fanlist (no addresses, just country/state/province), then please post a comment here, letting us know where you are. The format for this comment is in the post. Thanks!

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If you would like to see a particular link added, please let mnemosynes_eyes know! She'd love to know where everyone else gets their Taebin/Se7en information! <3


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If you would like to affiliate, please let mnemosynes_eyes know! She loves affiliates! You can find the affiliates post here.

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