September 15th, 2010

se7en choi dong wook mrs clay choi


When you browse these fanfic journals,what do you see most?Dbsk?Big bang?Even SHINEE?? What ever  happened to the Tae7en love? I mean,do you guys think there love died?
ha.Impossible.Tae7en love is forever of course.
If your fan of the pairing Se7en and Taebin,check out my fanfiction page.It focuses on series including them.Along with future pairings of them AND big bang together.Your also get some 2ne1,wheesung, Jinusean,etc.Any one who has been known to associate of befriend our beloved Tae7en.The page focuses on Tae7en and yg pairings but as soon as I get my yg pairings more situated,I will branch out.Hope to hear from you guys^_^